Jane Charlesworth, PhD

Life coaching for world builders

Jane Charlesworth | PhD

I work with tender-hearted humans who are working to bring more justice into an unjust world.

Together we practice the skills we all need to build the kind of world we want to live in and we unhook from the dominant culture.

My coaching isn’t about finding quick-fix solutions to the problems of capitalism and ecological collapse, but rather about grappling with how to live well (individually and collectively) as we face the world as it is.

For example, how can we access joy, rest and pleasure when it feels like we’re living in a time of neverending urgent crises?

The societies we’re born into hand down a whole pile of beliefs that often just seem like reality.

Such as the idea that our worth depends on our ability to be “productive”, that growth is always good or that the things we care about have to make money.

But all of these are human thoughts, not natural phenomena.

Together we can break their spell.

When we start to question the beliefs we’ve been taught we source agency and power.

We become able to live differently and build the world we want.


heron standing by a canal bridge

Hi, I’m Jane.

I’m an anticapitalist life coach.

I work with people to create sustainable and flourishing lives while acknowledging that we live inside oppressive and dehumanising systems that are designed to keep us small.

I believe that all humans are worthy and that our past struggles and trauma do not define us.

I meet you where you are right now and hold compassionate and non-judgemental space for you to explore your current thinking and create a life you believe in.

My knowledge of how capitalism maps onto bodies is intimate and hard-won.

I spent 15 years (over)working as a scientist in UK academia. This left me burned out, chronically ill and determined to support others in unhooking from systems, institutions, and patterns of behaviour rooted in urgency and scarcity.

As a long-time activist, I’ve seen similar patterns emerge countless times in movement spaces. But burnout, extraction and fear of conflict aren’t inevitable.

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My work is informed by anarchist thinking, feminist scholarship, science fiction, somatics, attachment theory and more.

Together we can learn to…

I’m not currently taking clients for 1:1 private coaching – I want to focus on working with groups of people working for social change (activists, campaigners, cooperators). If that’s you, you can get in touch via email on jane @ mycelium coaching . com