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Sometimes you just need to...

Illuminate possibilities

Spark transformation

Shift perspective

Shine light on an issue

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These 75-minute one-off coaching sessions are perfect for you if:

-You have a burning and specific question you want to focus your attention on.

-You want to identify the next do-able step in something you’re trying to bring forth.

-You find yourself at a cross-roads or cliff-edge and are struggling to make a decision.

-You want to ask me anything, including about anticapitalist praxis/theory.

Illumination sessions are offered on a sliding scale of £50/100/200.

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Jane. My prounouns are they/she. I’m an anticapitalist life coach with a background in activism and evolutionary microbiology. I partner with people to unpack the default thought patterns offered by society, let go of what isn’t working and learn to human differently.

I believe that by examining how our lives, bodies and relationships are shaped by living within capitalist societies, we can collectively move towards ways of being that support and sustain us all.

One of my major goals is to dissolve shame around access to pleasure, joy and rest, especially for folks who hold any kind of marginalised identity or who have immigrant ancestry/lived experience.

People have used these sessions to…

-Talk through why marketing makes them feel icky.

-Strategise on how to write while feeling anxiety in their body.

-Come up with language for pricing their sliding scale.

-Map existing sources of support and care in their lives.

-Make a plan for how to show up to a work meeting or interview.

-Co-create affirmations to draw upon during a transition.

Supported rate

Consider this rate if…

  • You are a single-income household and you earn less than £25k a year

  • You hold identities that impact your access to financial resources.
  •  You sometimes struggle to cover your basic needs.

Fair rate

Consider this rate if…

  •  You have relative financial stability (eg you earn £25-£50k per year)

  • You’re part of a multi-income household.

  • This price would feel like a stretch for you, but you would still be able to cover your basic needs.

Pay-It-Forward rate

Consider this rate if…

  • You are always easily able to meet your basic needs, with income to spare.
  • You earn over £50k per year
  • You have access to financial resources (eg from inheritance. property, family or a partner).