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All humans are worthy and deserve to flourish.

A flourishing life happens when you let go of what you think you know about what life should look like and come back to the full human experience.

A flourishing life happens when you decide on purpose what to believe and how to live, instead of following the paths laid down by society.

A flourishing life happens where you are rooted in and held by your connections to community and land.

A flourishing life is the right size and shape for you. It will grow and adapt as you grow and adapt.

A flourishing life happens where you feel your feelings without fear or drama and recognise the wisdom that lives in your body (whether or not you know how to access it). 

This is how you get free.

Capitalist economies rely on the conversion of labour into profit at the expense of human (and non-human!) flourishing.

If you live in a capitalist society, you are valued depending on your ability to produce.

The implicit values of productivity, growth and always extracting more (including from yourself) are baked into capitalist societies, including coaching and personal development.

That is why so much coaching focuses on making more money or getting more done in less time.

That is why it can seem like you have done all the things you were told to do, collected all the trophies and yet it is never enough.

Or maybe you haven’t collected all the trophies you expected to collect. Maybe your life is taking on a different shape from how you grew up believing a life should look and you’re not sure what to make of that.

Making yourself more efficient isn’t the problem you need to solve, because you are not the problem, the system we live inside is the problem.

  • When your boss wants you to stay late at work for no extra pay, this is the system working as designed.
  • When it feels like work always come before the things that light you up and bring you joy, this is the system working as designed.
  • When you don’t speak up out of fear of getting punished or cancelled, this is the system working as designed.
  • When it feels like you always need to make more and more money, this is the system working as designed.
  • When you don’t put your work into the world because you are afraid of getting it wrong, this is the system working as designed.
  • When you want to take action to change the world, but never seem to find the time or energy, this is the system working as designed.

I approach coaching differently because context matters:

  • The systems that make up the culture you live in matter.
  • Your lived experience, relationships and identities matter.
  • History matters.

All human beings absorb the default patterns of the cultures we are born into (this is as true of me as it is of you).

When we are operating from our default patterning it often seems like emotional experiences just happen to us.

Or like we are broken if we haven’t hit the milestones of the dominant culture by a certain schedule.

But these beliefs erase vital context.

All of us can choose to unlearn the defaults and think and be differently.

Coaching is a powerful way to unlearn and build new ways of being.

I teach you how to feel the feelings that you have and recognise what they do–and most importantly what they do not–mean.

  • I am not here to tell you what your flourishing life looks like.
  • I am here to walk beside you and guide you as you figure that out for yourself, on your own terms.
  • I am here to believe in you when you don’t yet believe what you want is possible.
  • I am here to guide you back to the deep well of knowing and resourcefulness that I know already exists within your body.
  • I am here to sit with you in the muck and the murk and the undergrowth of everything you feel, however messy it gets.

I teach you how to feel on purpose to create a life that is aligned with your values.

When you really, truly understand the contexts that shape your thoughts and actions, you can begin to believe in your own worth.

When you really, truly believe in your own worth, you can create a flourishing life on your own terms, not the defaults offered by society.

This is deep, life-changing work. 

1:1 Coaching


I offer 12-month packages of 1:1 coaching sessions, comprising one hour-long coaching session per week plus resources as needed to support the coaching partnership.

 These 12-month packages are ideal if you are:

  • working on a specific goal or project
  • navigating a personal change or transition
  • want coaching on any area of your life in a deep and intimate setting

 I set the length of these partnerships at 12 months because, reflecting on the time it has take me to get results in my life, as well as past work with clients, 12 months allows for all of the learning, failure, practice and integration that is part of the coaching journey.

 During each session I will hold space for us to coach on whatever you want to work on, in an atmosphere of unconditional positive regard. I don’t know the answers, but together we can figure it out. There’s no wrong way to show up and your full humanity is welcome.

 These 1:1 packages are priced on a sliding scale of £2700-£6300 (see below for sliding scale language, which is gratefully adapted from language suggested by Worts And Cunning Apothecary) for individuals, and group pricing is available upon request. Extended payment plans are welcome.

 If, at the end of our time together, you do not feel that coaching has changed your life in the ways you wanted, I offer a full refund, conditional on attendance at sessions and engagement with learning materials.

 If you’re interested in exploring working together 1:1, let’s talk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer coaching for a year? Isn't a year a long time to commit to?

I made a video about this.

But the short answer is that I want coaching with me to be a commitment to deep and lasting change. The kind of change where you step into the version of yourself that you want to become. And that takes time.

Why is it so expensive? Isn't anticapitalism about making things free or cheap?

Anticapitalism is not about working for free or choosing to be poor. It is about creating a world where more people flourish. We currently live inside systems where we require money to meet our basic needs. I am no different to you in this respect.

Coaching is emotionally intensive work. This means that the number of hours I work as a coach is low, but the amount of energy and attention I give people who work with me is very high.

I don't know much about anticapitalism, can I still work with you?

You don’t need to identify as an anticapitalist or have a PhD in anticapitalist theory to work with me. You also don’t have to share my politics.

You definitely don’t need to identify as a “perfect” anticapitalist, because it is not possible to live in a capitalist society and be a perfect anticapitalist.

Ideological purity and perfection is not the goal, and I’m not here to share my political views or indoctrinate you into anything.

I offer this work to support you in questioning the defaults you were offered by society (such as that hard work and capitalism are just the way things are) and build a rooted and flourishing life that works on your terms.

If you live in a capitalist society and want to explore how those cultural norms show up in your life, this work is for you.

What kind of humans do you work with?

I work with any humans who are curious and interested in coaching. We don’t have to hold common beliefs, indentities or lived experience in common to work together.

Patreon Coaching

I also offer a limited number of sliding-scale monthly coaching spots via Patreon.

These once-a-month sessions are offered as a form of community care. My intention with offering these sessions is to collectively fund lower cost coaching spots to support people in accessing working with me.

This is a deliberate move to create more relational forms of exchange and I expect my practice and language to continue evolving here.

Please refer to the sliding-scale language detailed above when deciding which Patreon tier to select. The Patreon tiers are £35/70/100/month and correspond to the access/thriving/solidarity tiers described above. If you have questions about this, let’s talk!